Perfect English Bulldog

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  1. Teach your children to treat the dog with respect and not to engage in rough or aggressive play.

  2. Mixed dogs tend to be a mish-mash of breeds all rolled into one super-adorable package.

  3. I laughed and watched.Branka charged Lou, who stood in the middle of the field sniffingout sheep dung and watching the charging Goliath.

  4. In themeantime, he learned to come to me when I called for, BabyPuppy, Sweet Boy, and, of course, Seven Pounds andWormy.

  5. If you decide to treat your pet to a piece of turkey, be sure it is boneless and thoroughly cooked to prevent salmonella poisoning.

  6. Really, any and all descriptors other than dog might have been more accurate for my Rose.

  7. To know when I look at pictures of and into the eyes of a tortured and beaten dog, one we were unable to save, that they did not die in vain.